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Beskuitfontein’s journey from desert to bounty using iLivestock

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Shared by Info • February 07, 2024

Meet Stefan and Yolandi Erasmus, the owners of Beskuitfontein Farm, a third generation family farm that lies at the foot of Carlton Heights mountain on the border between the Northern and Eastern Cape Provinces in South Africa.

They commercially farm Merino sheep and Bonsmara cattle in a desert-type climate. By using iLivestock, Yolandi and Stefan can identify the animals that are most resilient and profitable for their farm, and improve their breeding and management practices.

Livestock management

Stefan and Yolandi use animal records to enhance their genetic selection, improve their livestock’s performance, and meet the new requirements for biosecurity and traceability in wool production. Their approach to sheep production is to make every lamb on the farm count, while maintaining biodiversity and improving rangeland conditions.

Farm highlights

📍 Beskuitfontein, Middelburg, 5900, South Africa
🚜 Sheep and cattle farmers on a 7739-hectare farm in the Karoo
🐑 2000-2500 Merino sheep
🐂 100-140 Bonsmara cattle

iLivestock features used on the farm:

  • Breeding records
  • Weighing
  • Medicine recording
  • Performance
  • Compliance
  • Inventory check

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