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iLivestock Dashboard: Empowering Your Livestock Management

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Shared by Info • March 01, 2024

Are you tired of drowning in paperwork and struggling to keep your livestock data organised? Look no further! We introduce to you the iLivestock Dashboard: the web based platform for efficient livestock management. With just a push of a button, you can generate comprehensive compliance and performance reports from the comfort of your home. Based on the information you capture using our app in the field.

The iLivestock Dashboard puts you in control, allowing you to make informed decisions with confidence:

  • Monitor health, growth, and productivity metrics—all in one place.
  • Make informed decisions that impact your farm’s bottom line.
  • Analyse your flock and herd performance using a desktop
  • Download reports for detailed analysis and to share with others.

Livestock management on your desktop

  1. Customisable reports: Tailor reports to your specific needs. Whether it’s herd health, feed efficiency, or breeding performance, the dashboard delivers.
  2. Custom filters: Configure filters based on your preferences. View animals by specific criteria such as age, health status, or breeding history.
  3. Individual animal profiles: Dive deeper into specific animals. Get an overview of data, including identifiers, health records, and more.
  4. Weight performance insights: Visualise growth over time. The weight graph provides valuable insights into individual animal performance.
  5. Access anytime, anywhere: Your animal data is at your fingertips, whether you’re in the field or sipping tea in the farmhouse.

Tailor-made dashboard features

iLivestock’s dashboard is tailor-made for you. Let’s dive into the essential features:

Breeding performance

  • Enhance your breeding program.
  • Evaluate tupping performance.
  • Review scanning results.
  • Dive into offspring statistics.
  • Gain an insightful overview of overall breeding performance.

Flock book

Keep meticulous records of your sheep population.

  • Track on and off movements seamlessly.
  • Manage identification and birth details.
  • Record unfortunate losses (deaths).
  • Easily handle tag replacements.
  • Get a comprehensive overview with the “All Sheep Report.”

Herd book

For our cattle farmers, the Herd Book is your go-to.

  • Monitor movements in and out of your herd.
  • Efficiently manage herd movements.
  • Capture vital birth information.
  • Document any losses (deaths).
  • Quickly handle tag replacements.

Medicine book

  • Safeguard your livestock’s health.
  • Log medicine administration for both cattle and sheep.
  • Track disposal routes for safe handling.
  • Stay informed about your medicine stock.


  • Optimise growth and performance.
  • Monitor lifetime weight gain.
  • Calculate daily weight changes.
  • Analyse data in group-based or timeline-based views.
  • Identify top-performing animals effortlessly.

With iLivestock, you’ll have all your critical data at your fingertips. Say goodbye to paperwork headaches and hello to efficient farm management!

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