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Duncan Family Farms: Improving livestock performance with iLivestock

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Shared by Info β€’ May 01, 2024

Meet the Duncan Family, a family-run farming business with several generations working on the farm, and part of the QMS Monitor Farm Network.

Dedicated to improving the performance of their livestock without harming the environment, the Duncan couple recently started using iLivestock and eWeigh to record and monitor the pregnancy and weight of their animals.

Farm highlights

πŸ“ Lands Of Drumhead, Balfron, United Kingdom
🚜 Sheep and cattle farmers on a 1,250-hectare farm
πŸ‘ 1,300 sheep
πŸ‚ 180-190 calves

iLivestock features used on the farm:

  • Breeding records
  • Weight recording
  • Pregnancy diagnosis
  • Performance analysis

Discover the innovative and sustainable farming methods of the Duncan Family, and how iLivestock is transforming their on the farm practices πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎπŸ“±

Photo credit: Photographer Craig Stephen // On photo from left: Sally, Bruce, Rebecca and Shona Duncan.