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UK start-up iLivestock exploring farming practices in Argentina

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Shared by Info • November 22, 2023

Our colleague Anne Wellenberg just returned from a UK trade mission to Argentina, where she was evaluating the potential of use of the iLivestock platform in the local market. This includes our weigh head eWeigh and farm software. The trip was enriching and gave us great insights into the potential opportunities for our company in this vast Latin American country that inhabits over 50 million cattle.

Anne, our Head of Product, was part of a delegation of three UK-based agritech start-ups - including Pastoral and N2 Applied - who were invited by Agri-EPI Centre to participate in a knowledge exchange visit. The trip was organised in collaboration with Movimiento CREA and AgriTIERRA, two leading organisations in the Argentine agricultural sector, joined by the UK Department for Business and Trade, and funded by the UK Department for Science, Innovation and Technology.

Argentine smart farm innovation

The aim of the visit was to create a global collaborative agrotechnological ecosystem between the United Kingdom and Argentina. To support the development of smart farm innovation, and bridge the gap between people creating innovative agricultural technologies and those who benefit from them. By facilitating market access and knowledge transfer between the UK and Latin American agritech sectors, it is expected to accelerate the entry and growth of products and services that can improve productivity, sustainability, and animal welfare in both regions.

During the two-week trip, Anne had the opportunity to meet with a variety of stakeholders, including farmers, cooperatives, distributors, researchers, government officials and industry experts. She visited different regions and production systems, from the prestigious CENAB (Animal Nutrition Research Center) in the Cordoba province, to meeting with YieldLab LATAM (Venture Capital) in Buenos Aires, to visiting the Rosario Board of Trade in Rosario.

Anne Wellenberg about the trip:

“It was an incredible experience to see the diversity and potential of Argentine agriculture, and to learn about the challenges and opportunities that farmers are facing. I was impressed by the enthusiasm and openness of the people I met, and organisation of the trip. I am very grateful to Movimiento CREA, AgriTIERRA and Agri-EPI Centre for making this possible. I am confident that iLivestock has a lot to offer to the Argentine market, and I look forward to continuing the conversations and collaborations that we started during this trip.”

International livestock management ambassador

Meeting Lara Giuliani, a.k.a. Agroinfluencer @agrolarus, was one of the many highlights of our trip. Not only is she a role model for good livestock management practices, she also shares the same principles as iLivestock. She uses weight, individual traceability and animal welfare as key indicators to improve her breeding performance. She achieved outstanding breeding results, way above the Argentine average, in a relatively short period. She is a true ambassador and generously shares her vision and knowledge with local farmers, fostering a culture of knowledge exchange. We were inspired by her passion and professionalism.

>> Photo: Lara Giuliana (l) and Anne Wellenberg in Argentina (r)

Agritech opportunities for iLivestock

In a brief video, Anne talks about her experience of visiting Argentina and exploring the agritech opportunities for iLivestock. The interview was conducted by Mark Jarman, CEO and Founder of AgriTIERRA, one of the organisations that facilitated the trade mission.

We are very proud of Anne and her achievements, and we are excited about the prospects of expanding our presence and impact in Argentina. We believe that iLivestock can make a positive difference for farmers who are at the start of the journey to capture important data about their herd and/or flock. Not only in the UK, but also in other countries and regions around the world.


For more information about agritech opportunities in Argentina, please contact our team:


iLivestock exhibiting at AgriScot 2023

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Shared by Info • November 15, 2023

Join us this year at AgriScot 2023, one of the premier events in UK agriculture, attracting thousands of visitors from all sectors of the industry. AgriScot offers a wide range of products, services, advice and information for farmers and agri-business professionals, as well as competitions, seminars and demonstrations. AgriScot 2023 will take place on Wednesday 22 November 2023 at the Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston, Edinburgh.

We invite all sheep and cattle farmers to visit us at stand 146 and see how they can improve their farm productivity, and how we can help them manage their livestock with our software and hardware, using features such as performance recording, traceability, and weight management. Admission and parking are free.

Another reason to visit iLivestock at AgriScot 2023 is to see our award-winning eWeigh system, which boasts the features of advanced weigh indicators at an entry level price. The eWeigh system allows farmers to weigh and record their livestock with ease, using a Bluetooth-enabled device that connects to smartphones or tablets. The eWeigh system received high commendation at the AgriScot Product Innovation Award in 2022, demonstrating its value and potential for the sheep and cattle industry.

Special guest

We will also have a special guest on our stand, who will be joining us for a live demo and a Q&A session. The identity of the guest is a secret for now, but we promise that it will be a great opportunity for farmers to learn from an expert and get some valuable insights.

Register today

To register for AgriScot 2023, please visit this link. See you soon at AgriScot 2023!


iLivestock introduces Fresh Farmer Scheme for smallholders

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Shared by Info • November 08, 2023

Exclusive discount on iLivestock Software for ambitious farmers with low flock or herd numbers

Do you have a small flock of sheep or a few cows that you want to manage with a little less headache? Do you want to use the best livestock software in the market, but find it too costly for your budget? Do you want to have livestock management in your pocket?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in luck! We bring to you: the iLivestock Fresh Farmer Scheme. This is a unique opportunity for farmers like you to access the iLivestock platform at a fraction of the normal price.

How it works

The normal price for the iLivestock Software is £300 for a year. With our scheme, if your application is approved, you can access the iLivestock platform for only £75 in your first year. The following two years more discounts apply, saving you a total of £450

Discount table:

The iLivestock Fresh Farmer Scheme is designed for farmers who have less than 50 breeding ewes or less than 20 cows. If you have more than that, you may still be eligible for the scheme, but it is at our discretion. The scheme comes with free training and support, so that you can become familiar with it in no time!

Why iLivestock?

The iLivestock platform is a powerful app that lets you record, manage, and analyse your livestock data in the palm of your hand. You can use it to improve the health, welfare, and productivity of your animals, as well as to save time and money on your farm.

Meet Sarah, a new farmer from Breage, Cornwall UK. She is just starting out as a commercial farmer and directly benefits from the Fresh Farmer Scheme:

“Farming is a tough business nowadays. Without money, it’s almost impossible to start your own farm. The Fresh Farmer Scheme is a great opportunity for people who can’t afford the full price of the iLivestock platform.”

Join the Fresh Farmer Scheme today

Don't miss this chance to get the best software for the best value and take your livestock management to the next level. To find out more or to sign up for the Fresh Farmer Scheme, visit the Fresh Farmer Scheme page on our website or contact us today by email on [email protected] or give us a call at 01383 324 358.

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iLivestock to Tango with Argentine Farmers

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Shared by Yoni • October 26, 2023

iLivestock is set to embark on a knowledge exchange visit to Argentina next month, as we are selected by Agri-EPI Centre, a leading agri-tech innovation hub, to join a market visit funded by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology.

The knowledge exchange visit, which will take place from 6th to 17th November 2023, aims to explore the opportunities and challenges for UK agri-tech companies in the Argentine market. Argentina is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of beef, dairy, grains, and wine, and has a strong demand for technologies that can improve productivity, sustainability, and animal welfare.

iLivestock already has its software and hardware on test farms in Argentina, but this will be the first time that the company’s representatives will visit the country and meet with potential customers and partners.

Anne Wellenberg, Head of Product at iLivestock, said:

“We are very excited to be part of this trip and to learn more about the Argentine agricultural sector. We believe that our solutions can help farmers improve their efficiency, profitability, and animal health. We are looking forward to showcasing our products and getting feedback from the local experts and farmers.”

The trip will include facilitated visits to farms, research centres, and industry associations, as well as workshops and networking events with key stakeholders from the public and private sectors. The visit is organised in collaboration with AgriTIERRA, a local agri-tech consultancy firm, Movimiento CREA, a farmer-led organisation that promotes innovation and best practices, and the Department for Business and Trade.


Agri-EPI Centre, which supports the development and adoption of agri-tech solutions in the UK and abroad, said that the trip is a valuable opportunity for tech-ready SMEs like iLivestock to gain insight and knowledge into the opportunities for UK agri-tech in the Argentine market.

The Knowledge Exchange visit is funded and supported by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology.

For more information about agritech opportunities in Argentina, please contact our team:

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iLivestock joins the celebration of UK lamb

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Shared by Yoni • September 01, 2023

iLivestock is proud to support Love Lamb Week, the annual campaign that showcases the sustainability and quality of UK lamb.

Love Lamb Week, which runs from 1 to 7 September 2023, is a collaborative initiative by AHDB, the statutory levy board for agriculture and horticulture, and other industry bodies and organisations. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the benefits of eating lamb, especially among younger consumers, and to highlight the hard work and dedication of sheep farmers across the country.

As part of the campaign, iLivestock is featuring some of its users who offer high-quality lamb from their native breeds. These include:

  • Jayne Carter of @ryecroft_rare_breeds in Wigan, England. Jayne runs a family farm where she breeds pedigree registered Coloured Ryeland sheep and produces high-welfare, outdoor reared, grass fed lamb, hogget, mutton and pork.
  • Julie Comins of @elchies_animals in Moray, Scotland. Julie and her husband Brian run a farm with 300 British Boer goats and 100 Ryeland and Ryeland cross sheep. They sell their goat and lamb meat in their on-site farm shop and online.
  • George Sturla and Hollie Blockley of @beeches_farming in North Wales. George started his solo part-time farming venture in 2016 with seven sheep. Now he and Holly have more than 150 breeding ewes, suckler cows and store cattle. They deliver lamb and beef boxes to local households.

Flock performance

Elchies Estates Farm, Beeches Farm, and Ryecroft Farm are some of the businesses that offer grass-fed, free-range, and high-welfare lamb from their family farms using iLivestock to manage their flocks, improve their performance, and sell their meat directly to customers. Technology can help sheep farmers enhance their businesses and reach new markets.

iLivestock CEO and co-founder Ewen Wardman said:

“We are delighted to join the celebration of UK lamb and to support our users who produce this delicious and nutritious meat with the use of iLivestock to monitor and record their animal data. We hope that this campaign will inspire more consumers to enjoy British produced lamb.”

To find out more about Love Lamb Week, visit the official website or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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The story behind iLivestock

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Shared by Yoni • August 31, 2023

How a trip to China inspired a revolutionary app for livestock farmers

Have you ever wondered how iLivestock came to be? Our CEO and co-founder Ewen Wardman has recently shared the story behind the creation of iLivestock in a podcast by Agri-EPI Centre, as part of a series about the latest advancement in agri-tech.

In the podcast, Ewen reveals that the inspiration for iLivestock came about while he worked for a tag company that installed a large-scale RFID system on a pig farm in China. He noticed that the farmers there were using their smartphones to take pictures of EID tags and jotting down notes beside them. This led him to think of creating an app that could streamline the process.

In the following years, Ewen and his team have spent a lot of time on farms, learning from livestock farmers in Great Britain and South Africa to fully understand needs and challenges of their potential users. This had led to the development of an offering of livestock management software and hardware products to help farmers monitor a livestock’s weight, health and performance, as well as meet the sustainability and environmental standards required by the industry.

Small-scale famers form a large part of the livestock sector and need tech innovations that fit their needs and budget. iLivestock caters to a fragmented industry where existing tech products are too costly or unsuitable for small farms.

Try it for free

Want to give iLivestock a try for your farm? Download the free demo and see what you think.

Customer review

From dog trainer to sheep farmer: How iLivestock helps Damian Barson grow his flock

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Shared by Info • August 22, 2023

Meet Damian Barson, a first-generation farmer at Tessleymoor Farm who is using iLivestock to manage his 200-ewe flock of Swaledales and English Mules and further grow his flock on his new farm in Yorkshire 🐑🐑🐑

Damian is a renowned dog trainer, but in 2021 he made the switch to become a sheep farmer. Damian works with iLivestock because he wanted to incorporate a flexible system into his rather new farming venture to manage his sheep and other animals on the farm.

He started with nine Ryelands and has grown his flock to 200 sheep of various breeds, including Swaledales and English Mules. Recently, he relocated from a 64-acre farm in Lancashire to a larger farm in Yorkshire with more land and farm buildings and plans to grow his flock with a minimum of 300 sheep to lamb in 2024.

Sheep management

The iLivestock farm management platform helps Damian to be accountable for his lambing and to keep track of his records for this year and the next. He likes that iLivestock is app controlled, that he can access it from his phone while he is out in the field 👨‍🌾📱

Farm highlights

📍 Tessleymoor Farm / Coville House Farm, Bouthwaite, Harrogate, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
🚜 Sheep farmer
🐑 200-ewe flock of Swaledales and English Mules

iLivestock features used on the farm:

  • Breeding records
  • Weighing
  • Medicine recording
  • Blow fly strike
  • EID Reading

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iLivestock partners with Edinburgh University to improve data-driven farm animal practices

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Shared by Info • August 16, 2023

iLivestock partners with Edinburgh University to offer an online course on data-driven farm animal practice

iLivestock, a leading provider of farm management software and data-driven hardware technology, is proud to announce its collaboration with the University of Edinburgh to deliver an online course on the power of data in farm animal practice. The course aims to up-skill farm animal professionals in data science, allowing them to use and interpret on-farm data for improving health, productivity and welfare of their animals.

The course consists of five modules, each lasting two hours, covering topics such as data collection, analysis, visualisation, and application. iLivestock helped put together the first two modules, which are now open for enrolment. The first module introduces the concept of data and its impact on farm animal productivity, health and welfare. The second module focuses on data-driven performance and growth monitoring, and teaches participants how to weigh livestock and measure growth rates using various methods.

The course is designed for anyone who works with livestock or has an interest in farm animal health and welfare, such as farmers, veterinarians, advisors, technicians, researchers, and students.

Farm management

iLivestock’s platform is featured as a case study in both modules, demonstrating how it can turn a smartphone into a powerful farm management tool. The app allows users to record and keep track of data easily and efficiently, and provides useful insights and recommendations based on the data. The app also integrates with other technologies such as electronic identification tags, weigh scales, and cameras, to automate data collection and analysis.

Collaboration partners

The course is delivered by the University of Edinburgh’s Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems, in collaboration with SRUC, Agri-EPI Centre, SEBI Livestock, Peacock Technology, Royal School of Veterinary Studies, and iLivestock.

Ewen Wardman, iLivestock’s CEO and co-founder shared his excitement:

“We are excited to be part of this online course that teaches the value of data in farm animal practice. Data is essential for making informed decisions on any livestock farm. Data-driven applications like iLivestock have transformed the way farm management is done. We hope that this course will inspire more sheep and cattle farmers to adopt this technology.”

To find out more about the course, please visit the course website.

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iLivestock’s eWeigh system receives award recognition at AgriScot

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Shared by Info • July 10, 2023

iLivestock, a Scottish company that develops innovative solutions for livestock management, has been highly commended for its eWeigh system at the AgriScot Innovation Awards 2022.

The eWeigh system is a smart and affordable device that allows farmers to weigh and record their animals with ease and accuracy. The device connects wirelessly to a smartphone app, where the data is stored and analysed. The app also provides useful features such as animal identification, health status, breeding history and performance indicators.

The eWeigh system was praised by the judges for its simplicity, functionality and value for money. They said it offered the benefits of advanced weigh indicators at an entry level price, and that it was developed, tested and built in Scotland.

The AgriScot Innovation Awards are an annual event that showcases the best new products and services in the agricultural sector as part of AgriScot. They are sponsored by The Scottish Farmer.

It was Nofence Grazing Technology that went home with the Innovation Award. As explained by the Scottish Farmer's own editor Ken Fletcher and presenter of this year’s event: “It has been a tough job this year but we were unanimous in our winner which went to Nofence Grazing Technology’s GPS-controlled head collars for cattle, sheep and goats - which allows farmers to graze cattle without the high costs of fencing."

iLivestock's founder and CEO, Ewen Wardman, said he was delighted with the recognition and thanked his team for their hard work and dedication:

"We are very proud of our eWeigh system and the positive feedback we have received from our livestock farming customers. It is a great honour to be highly commended at the AgriScot Innovation Awards and to be featured in The Scottish Farmer. We are always looking for ways to improve our products and services and to help farmers manage their livestock more efficiently and sustainably."

iLivestock's eWeigh system is available to order online or through selected distributors. For more information, visit or call 01234 567890.


Sort and filter your animals in iLivestock with flags

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Shared by Info • June 30, 2023

Flags are coloured icons that you can use to label and filter your animals by any criteria you want 🚩🖍️🎨

How does it work?

You can use flags to mark animals that need special attention, have health issues, belong to different breeds, or have any other criteria that you want to keep track of. You can also filter your animal list or groups by flags to quickly find the animals you are looking for 🔎

There are three ways to add flags to your animals:

  • Via the animal: Go to the animal list, find and view the animal, and toggle the flags at the top.
  • Via the stock list: Go to the animal list, select some animals by tapping on them, press the floating action button in the bottom right, select 'More Actions' and then 'Flags', and choose the colour.
  • Via a group: Go to a group, select some animals (or none to apply to all), press the floating action button in the bottom right, select 'Settings on all group animals' and then 'Flag Colour', and choose the colour.

To filter by flags, use the 'Filter' tool on the right of the search bar and select 'Flags’.

Want to give it a try?

Want to start working with flags? Contact the iLivestock team for more information or visit the support page on our website.